Can I taste the soup cooked in the pressure cooker?

In our kitchen, you can inspect the actual machine and try the soup cooked in a pressure cooker. You can try your own recipes in the test kitchen at a cost (Varies on how much the customer uses the pressure cooker)

How long does it take from ordering to delivery?

It takes 3 to 4 months to order and deliver.

How could you support me opening a ramen shop if I use your product?

We will assist with operations and recipe making using a pressure cooker.

Can you help someone with no experience?

We will support you from the ground up with a variety of recipes and general knowledge, so anyone can open a ramen shop. (We have a school in which you can learn more about ramen, the process of making it and tips in business).

Is it difficult to stabilize the taste because you can't see the soup while cooking?

No, while the pressure gauge cannot see the soup while cooking, a completely sealed pressure cooker is not affected by external humidity or temperature at all, so the taste is more stable than the standard cooking method.

What parts need to be replaced?

The part of the pressure cooker that actually needs to be changed is a gasket that connects the body and the lid. The exchange timing varies depending on the frequency of use, but it will usually have to be replaced in half a year to a year.

How many pressure cookers are being used?

In Japan, approximately 1000 pressure cookers are used, which is very popular as a ramen cooking instrument. In the United States, they will spread more from here on out.